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Hornby T9 and Schools Class

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A few weeks ago I e-mailed Hornby asking for the release dates of these two locos, I got no answer; so at Warley I asked the Hornby rep and he said early December. Today I received an e-mail from Hornby apologising for their delay in reply and informing me that both models would be available towards the end of December and they could not guarantee before Christmas.

Anyone else have any info on this?
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NO! NO! NO! traction tyres !!! why have they done this
, Bachmann have never put them on ,even their 04 have none and can pull a house down . I thorught by making it with a metal bolier they had sorted it out. Having them on the model means the wheels with the traction tyres is a bigger diameter wheel ,and the older hornby one that had traction tyres used to shake like mad. i have two on order and now i think i will not get them.
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And putting traction tyres on you lose pick up from one set of driving wheels!!!!

Just got off the phone to hornby and was told that the T9 would all be sold with traction tyres and would not have new wheel sets.
I have now stoped my order for the two i wanted!!! How come bachmann can make all thier locos with out loctraction tyres , it seem to me Hornby have gone back to the 80's when the put traction tyres on all their locos.
Have been waiting a long time for them to bring out the T9 and now they go and do this , i agree with Richard why the hell do you need to pull 25 choaches !!!!.
So why did they bother to put a metal body on in the first place , also having traction tyres will mean that the T9 will bounce along and how long will they last before you have to order new ones .
Hornby have let them self down big time on this loco
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I have heard that the new schools and the castle will both be fitted with Traction Tyres!!!! .with the T9 fitted with them why could they have made the sub frames from meatel ,this would have given the loco a lot more Traction .
Or will this over heat the five pole moters they fit to thier loco's ,as a friend of mine put a bit more weight in his M7 and the moter brunt out!!!!
If this is true and Hornby put Traction Tyres on all of their range then i for one will not bother with them.
As i have been buying hornby since i was a kid (42 now) they will lose valued customer.
I find it a bit funny that thier was no mentiom of them putting Traction Tyres on the T9 per to it being sold.
So how many of you would have still got it if you had know this per to placing your order!!!
This is only my opinion on the T9, so don't get to upset .
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Looks like the new schools will have tyres on one set of driving wheels.
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