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QUOTE With regard to the Hornby BR Standard Four, this model is now due to be released early in 2009 because, as Simon Kohler has said, Hornby wanted to get all the details right before committing to production - the way it should be!

Well thats commendable. I just thought that the T9 and Schools had more sales potential, given that the Bachmann version of the 4MT is already released. To be honest given the state of manufacturing in China just now, I'm surprised that Hornby haven't just ditched the 4MT and replaced it in the manufacturing slot queue with one of the 2009 releases that haven't been announced yet . I appreciate they've already sunk the R&D costs but they might make more money that way. The 4MT looks a nice model but its the duplication of an equally nice Bachmann one - its got to affect sales.

1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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