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QUOTE (rossi @ 2 Dec 2008, 16:19) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I have a T9 on order and am looking forward to it , but its not really worth worrying when it precisely arrives .They are making it ,that should be enough .Who would have dreamed a few years ago that a good T9 would arrive on the shelves one day .Get real you guys ,a month here ,a year there ,its not important .Are you going to cancel it and buy something similar from someone else?.Are you going to wait for the Bachmann version ?Maybe Dapol will chip in under the radar and knock one out quickly .Lets just let Hornby get on with it and admire it, or not, when it arrives.

Kader, Bachmann's parent company, have bought the factory that makes Hornby's models. Delays for both firms have been down to the factory struggling to keep up with orders, but with new money behind them they hope to get up to speed again.

But you are right, who cares if there is a delay. It just prolongs the excitement!

Black 5 Man.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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