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Hornby T9

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As I have indicated on other posts I am a newcomer, and it may be that this subject has come up before. I was told last month that a Hornby T9 was a certainty. Can any one confirm this? The story was that the CE of Hornby wanted one and irrespective of the fact that it might not sell well, he was going to have his way.
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Hello there.

I am sure the story about why its happening is utter nonsence. it would he his head on the line if it didnt sell well. also it just dosent work like that. the proposal for a new loco would have to be presented to the board. often with a hand built mockup to use as a prop. sometimes there mockups have survived for loco's that didnt make it into final production.

The Hornby T9 has not been confirmed buy anybody yet. there are strong rumors but thats all so far. the for argument is that its a pretty medium sized loco that would look good on alot of layouts. the 4-4-0 chassis basically exists unter the M7 and frankly its about time we had a nice 4-4-0
The against arguments are basically that its yet another southern loco. (not that i mind!!)

Hornby dont confirm their list untill midnight new years eve.

On another forum a newcommer has also suggested this. this kind of "my mates best friend's tennis partner's boyfreinds brother said...." can get forums into trouble.

QUOTE (pedromorgan @ 8 Dec 2007, 19:17) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>the 4-4-0 chassis basically exists unter the M7 and frankly its about time we had a nice 4-4-0
I wonder how similar the components would be? If you look at the service sheet for the M7, it shows that the motor is in the firebox area, between the rear driving wheels and the leading bogie wheels, whereas on the T9 and all other 4-4-0 tender locomotives it would need to be rotated horizontally through 180 degrees. So if the M7 chassis was used for a 4-4-0 tender locomotive, it would be sitting in the air gap beneath the boiler.

Unless, by "the basic chassis" you mean the components e.g. bogie pivotting arrangement and the experience of balancing the 4-4-0 / 0-4-4 wheel arrangement?

I agree that it would be very nice to see more ready to run 4-4-0 locomotives and (dare I say it!) 4-4-2's


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It was a dealer who told me who had it from his sources in Hornby so I was told. We shall have to wait and see. Having recently switched to Southern Region, I would love one and a Black Motor (700) I know one has been made a small maker in Sussex but they are very expensive.
Well we only have 22 days to go! The trouble with this side of the world is that midnight on new years eve is 10 hours earlier!
The Southern stuff it seems keeps on coming but they do have a lot of ground to catch up. I hope the rumour is correct!
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