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Jus to let you all know that the hornby T9 is out, in southern green!!!!!.
Looks superb model ,full cab details ,horby have done a very fine job on it.
The BR ones will be out just after Christmass ..
Well done Hornby on such fine workmanship !!!!!
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My local model shop is working down the pre-order list and has not yet reached me. So far they have only received a few BR. I have ordered 1 BR with DCC and 1 SR without (only because 120 is for some reason not available as DCC apparently). Anyone any thoughts yet on how to install speaker for sound?
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Picked mine up but cannot get it to move! Neither DCC nor DC. Back to shop today.

Glad I bought from local model shop and not mail order.
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Swapped my non- functioning 30310 for a new one. Model shop had quite a number of returned Electrics and diesels to go back to Hornby but mine was their first duff T9. Some concern at lowered Hornby quality.
Replacement works a treat on my DCC test/programing track. A little jerky in reverse on Club DC layout - could be track needs another clean although club stalwarts (ancient Black 5 and 9F) have no trouble. Looks the bees knees.

Looking forward to 120 in SR green even though it will need a chip as it is not available in X version.
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1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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