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Hornby Tardis now available!

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Spotted in the "now in" section of the ususal suspects. Appropriate timing with the new series materialising on Saturday:-

Happy modelling
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I've got a Harburn Hobbies Tardis. Doesn't work though. Never been anywhere in it.
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Is it DCC Ready or DCC Equiped (for the flashing blue light !)

(Well, someone had to come up with that, so it may as well have been me !)
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I have got the Langley miniatures version which will be equipped with a blue flashing light on the roof, a white flashing light inside, and possibly the appropriate sound effect on a tape loop below the baseboard.

Then all I have to do is build a Dalek - I've worked out how to make it move - and away we go.

(If only I could travel back a few years and correct a few rather silly mistakes in my life!!)


Will they work with any DCC system or only the Hornby select?

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