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hornby tin plate

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I have a large quantity of tin plate 2 rail track i wish to get rid of, including 2 turntables level crossing and girder bridge not hornby, loads of curves some look new all radii, loads of straights, there are a load of points 2 different radii (from memory) a couple of crossings, buffer stops, in fact a shed load of track it fills 3 large boxes, i also have a few wagons and 1 0-4-0 tender loco beat up but working, there are enough clips to join virtually ever piece of track.
I used to use it all with my kids with a couple of converted radio control shunters great fun filling the whole down stairs floor now not used.
We now have 00 in garage loft to play with, i would like to see a fair price for it but wont give it away, make me an offer someone, if interested i will get it all out and cataloge all items exactly. it is not mint by any means but it is not trash either.
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