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there are always thee options of the Peco ..or DApol tuntable kits.....both I think require a do most that sits flush with the ground, needs to have its table girders going upwards rather than in a bridge.

the holes aren't difficult to cut..a jigsaw and template [usually supplied] being all that's needed.

If a well is a no-no...then use the likes of a dapol kit, with the ring rail flush to your table top, and the rest of the loco servicing area being built up to match the deck/rail height of the TT.

I suggested the dapol kit as [a] it ain't too much moolah down the pan if things dont work out right, and it's small, and requires a less deep well compared to teh Peco jobbie...[which incidentally, has inbuilt electrics]
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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