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QUOTE Is Heljan also doing one?

Heljan now have two sizes of turntable for HO/OO.

You can see details of the larger one on this page on Howes website for the Heljan.

The more recent is:-

QUOTE Doug: Heljan Operating 21.5m Turntable

I know that some people were after this model.

It is now available at Rails of Sheffield and perhaps other shops for £154.50.

<edit> The quoted link no longer works. Rails have updated their website so
try this page

Note to all traverser hunters - it's also listed with a "SOON" sticker!

David: There is one thing that OO modellers should check before buying - the length of the bridge. Assuming that Heljan have produced a HO scale (1:87) 21.5 meter turntable, my calculations show that this gives a bridge length of 247mm or 9.7 inches. In other words it's not big enough for OO Pacifics.

1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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