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I've moved this to the DCC section where it will be seen by many more people who will surely be able to offer some advice.

What I've found:

R070 Hornby Electric Turntable. Diameter 382mm. The turntable is designed to operate with the Standard Controller R965. Drive the locomotive onto the turntable, then switch the power from the track to the turntable via the R046 Switch (supplied with the set).

Hornby R410 Turntable has one inlet track and seven outlet tracks. Operated by turning the water crane which turns the turntable. Attached to the base is a foreman's hut and water crane. Dates from around the late 70's.

Most people, myself included, use a reversing unit on the bridge of the turntable to prevent shorting and to keep the locos running in the right direction.

Also, see this info from Hornby (found on the Hornby site) on converting a standard DC Turntable for DCC Operation.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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