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The Hornby Turntable R 70 is actually quite user friendly for DCC. The Hornby website describes the modification for complete DCC control adequately. At present I am using mine under analogue control with a redundant speed controller from a train set given to my grandson before he was old enough to appreciate it. I have that permanently on at about one third speed with an on/off switch. The speed is slow enough to be realistic although the downside is the stop for about 2 or 3 seconds at every exit, the noise as it turns is not too bad at this speed.

You still need to make some modifications for DCC use even if the motor turning the turntable is under analogue control. Remove the contacts as described by Hornby and locate the two wires that feed the track on the bridge. If I recall correctly these were wired to the entrance road. They need disconnecting from the entrance road, and connecting to the track bus. (Mine are all buried now somewhere in the scenics) All the exit and entrance roads should have their own separate connections to the bus but bear in mind that somewhere in the circle as the turntable rotates the polarity changes. You need to establish where this is, to ensure that the exit roads have the same polarity as the bridge at the point of exit.

With a bit of repainting and weathering and buried into the surrounds so that there is no incline on the entrance/exit roads and painting the control hut in more somber colours (or replacing) this is an acceptable model. OK not as accurate as the Peco model which looks good, but to operate it is not, trying to align the exit roads and a floating bridge, I eventually gave up and bought the Hornby turntable.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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