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Hornby USA

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I don't know if anyone has seen the Hornby USA website? It is not (as far as I can see) linked to from the UK site.

It has an interesting and well produced catalogue. I wonder if or when Hornby will start producing locos for the US market? Are they going to keep the marketing different?

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I live in Canada and both Dapol and Hornby have announced entry into the North American market.
I model both British and Canadian prototypes, thus have purchased North American and UK models.
I don't think Dapol manufactures any North American prototype stock, just British. Hornby have Rivarossi products.
The US manufacturers produce many excellent kits and models. If Hornby wishes to compete in this market, to me they would need products with the same quality.
The main product from Rivarossi in Canada is their passenger cars and steam locos. There are other manufacturers who have better products in these categories.
Dapol kits are relatively "plain" compared to say a Branchline or Intermountain kit.
If the idea is for Hornby and Dapol to increase their presence in British outline models by shipping more stock to the US, they will need to promote British railway modelling.
The one negative thing for Canadians could be an increase in prices for their products.
This has happened before. The manufacturer does not allow Canadian wholesalers and suppliers to buy direct from them. They need to buy from a US source, or a Canadian source who is the only supplier ( and gets there orders from the US). Import duties, taxes and added charges by the supplier forces the price up quite considerably.
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