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Hornby West Country Short Circuit

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I bought the Devon Belle Train Pack for my wife for her birthday, and have fitted an Hornby DCC decoder to it (not sure whether DCC relevant or not).
With just the Loco on the track it runs very well, but when we put the tender on the loco, it shorts out the whole system.
I can see 2 contacts on the eye on the loco which appear to contact a metal plate a the top of the pin on the tender, and I am guessing it is this that is shorting out the system. Should this be happening?
I am looking for advice as to
a) why it is happening and
what can be done to resolve this.

Hope someone can help


Bill Bells

n.b. I have emailed Hornby, but their response time is usually not quick.
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I often rewire the Hornby connector when installing decoders, quite frequently the wire isn't long enough to to reach part of my installation. Occasionally you get one that really sucks, and gives continual shorts. When that occurs I simply replace it. Their cheap and available from model spares Burnley for a few pennies. Your short may lay somewhere else within the loco it might be that when wiring up Hornby crossed wires it's easy to do as both of wires are a helpful shade of black. So track them back and make sure it isn't a wiring fault. When you do find the fault please seal your rework with shrink tube, I'm coming across lots of installations where insulation tape has been used, and that's not good practice. It eventually unravels and causes a short or a blown decoder. You can buy very nice thin wire 0.7 mm in packs from All Components, get some thin shrink tube as well (1.20) and do a nice neat job.
Originally I used to totally replace the connector and epoxy in a 3mm brass screw remove all the gubins from the connector and use that and the link between tender and loco, the pick-up wires were connected with a simple two plug connector also available from all components. But that's a lot of work, and folks don't like it because you've changed the original (crap design). It is certainly more reliable and looks better too.
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