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I have had given to me one of these - unfortunately the mddle driving wheel left hand side is off the axle.

I see that wheel sets are available - but how are the wheels attached to the axles originally? - is it possible to repair
This axlew ahs the gear on

Then if i buy a new set are the wheels quartered /do they come with the gear?

Anyone know?

Thanks in advance

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The wheels are a press fit on the axle. Provided that there is no further damage to the loco mechanism other than the wheel being off the axle it should be possible to effect a repair yourself. This will require removing the axle from the chassis, then carefully aligning the wheel in quarter using the spokes and comparison to the intact wheelsets, with trials in the chassis to ensure that everything is true and the rods locate without binding at any point in a full forward and reverse revolution, then completely pressing home the wheel, ideally between blind jaws in a good quality engineering vice.

If a successful repair is not possible because of other damage, then the Hornby wheelsets come complete with the gear and bearing collar(s) as appropriate.
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