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GNER White Rose Train Pack, an divisable coaches

Hi all just bought a white rose great looking train, an three packs of coaches to go with it.

ok what iam about to but may not be quite right but still a shot, i bought it off ebay?? The train runs fine an looks grat but now, the problem the coaches, all the divisable coaches are all 1st class, is there more coaches to this set? or not there all pack A, is there B an C to the set, i hope so 6 coaches all 1st an 2 standard come on.

hope some one can help thanks chris

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Basically if you want any other coaches than firsts you will have to renumber them. however the extra pack is just a second set of the ones that you already have. i have the eurostar set and an extra 2 lots of coaches because i thought they came as seconds but they dont.

also they are un prototypical because they are not fully articulated.

hope this helps

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