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Hornby's Class 60 and 09.

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Some pictures from my EW&S Class 60 and Class 09:

EW&S 60026:

Dick Hardy 09012:

My first English trains, and my first trains in '00' gauge, and the first models I've ever seen with so much details.
Even the cab doors can be opened!

I'm still don't know what my next English train will be.



Edit: Changed 'O' to '00' gauge. Thanks Ben.
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You mean 00 gauge
For you next purchase a Bachmann 66 or a class 158 is a good choice
I can't choose between Bachmann's Class 66 (with sound??) and the Class 158. The look both great!!
(On the images.
Is there a loco and unit wich are properly one of the best modeltrains?
(Yes, I know, I wan't to have the best trains.
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The "best trains" are often those that travelled the most interesting routes or hauled the most interesting coaches and or wagons. That's assuming you'll be running them rather than collecting. If you are collecting than I would read up on the history of your favorite line and find out which were the most historically significant.

In short what's the story behind the locomotive/train. This will give you a better "grounding" in the hobby and increase the benefit to yourself.
That Class 66 looks great, but that sound decoder, is that an ESU decoder, so I can drive digital, and I've got sound? Cause on internet I've founded a little movie from a Class 66 in Freightliner livery, with an self installed ESU sound decoder. And that looks great!!

And I'm looking for a other digital system, but they are all very expensive. But in a few day's I'm going to a shop, wich sell's Bachmann and Peco to.
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QUOTE (Ryan @ 3 Aug 2006, 20:38) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>My first English trains, and my first trains in '00' gauge,

You mean locomotives,Ryan,-not trains..
Yes, sorry. I was bussy with translating, so I forgotted to think about it.

Locomotive: Just 1 thing with wheels, front and tail lights and a engine.
Train: a locomotive with some wagons or carriages.

I'll hope this is correctly translated!
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Hmmm...can't find the edit button some times. But I've already findout about the Class 66 with sound on Hattons:

QUOTE 32-725DS
Class 66 diesel 66022 "Lafarge Charnwood" in EWS livery (DCC on board, with sound)

OO Scale (1:76th scale)

So...that will be my next locomotive.
(But I can't wait till November.
But I must...

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So, perhaps, Ryan, you should start a poll "What should I get next?"

As for me, I would recommend that you decide upon a theme for your models. I see you've got two Hornby post-privatisation diesels- so, the present day would be sensible. Next, you need a region- I would suggest South East England, since you have a South Eastern allocated Class 09 (they were built for the South East anyway!), and Class 60s regularly appear in places such as Hither Green (In South-East London). Passenger services could be covered by the Hornby "Class 466" multiple unit. Also, SE England is easier to get to from Holland than most other parts with lots of available models- ferry to Harwich, train to London, train to anywhere in Kent/Sussex.

So with a (Suggested) South Eastern theme, you next need to decide what sort of things you'd like to acquire. Do you just want a collection? Do you want a layout? Is your collection/layout going to be centred around freight locos and stock, or passenger services, or both?

If you just want a simple project for a first British outline layout (if you want a layout), I would recommend a South-East England TMD with a single platform passenger station. The advantages of a TMD would be that you can have lots of big engines, no need to worry about the stock they haul, lots of room for detail et cetera!

Now, according to exchange rates at the moment, you'll get £155 for your 230 Eurosof birthday money, so what I think would be worthwhile for you to do would be either buy a Bachmann 66 or a Hornby 466, and use the money left over to buy scenic stuff (or buy/save up for more locos). In fact, you could get both, although this would lessen the amount you have to spend on scenics and other stuff. Or, you could buy a 66+ Hornby Class 31+ Scenics, or 466+31+Sceics. The new 31 in Fragonset livery is very fetching! (see or for more!).

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