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Hornby's new HO model

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A rivarossi Br 58 of the DB era 3.

Says in stores 1st Q. Also AC version available.

I am looking forward to it.

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As far as I recall no other manufacturer apart from ROCO ever produced the Br58 in HO.

The Roco Br 58 when launched was highly claimed for due to its quality and perfectness, and even some say that is still unsurpassed. So, at the end of the day it will be compared with Roco Br58 by the likes of us here but in Germany mostly.

Now we have to give credit to Hornby in selecting this model. They are launching such a model that even Maerkliners are waiting for it. ( Maerklin also doesn't have a HO Br 58, only in Z scale). I hope qualitywise they have double checked everything before launch.

Believe it will be the flash model of the Hornby stand in Nurnberg this year.

Price of 245 usd , DCC ready are now on the web shops.

First impressions of the Rivarossi Br 58 is comming out from the German forums. One chap describes his first encounter:

( I had it translated from Altavista Babel fish, so it might sound funnyish but at least you get the main idea.

Today completely unplanned the new Rivarossi-58 to my existence to transfer had, only as much, forceful love at first sight. : -)
Now which to the locomotive:
After a few rounds for bringing in the locomotive equipped with functional interior engine runs silk-softly and without jerking. Silk matt and equipped with free standing lines shows the locomotive paints its model well. The axles have the correct diameter, me disturb something the not painted wheel tires, but which target. It is lit with white LEDs (which is all the same to me, street lights eh exchanged), at the tender while driving forward also amusing-proves red. Something disturbing works for me the too large locomotive tender distance, in addition, that is to be changed, since the locomotive is very logically designed. On the whole a really beautiful model, which are lack only after my taste, perhaps exaggerated, but me does not disturb it one it to change really there can. Pictures have I unfortunately none for you, but I hope someone supply still?!?
Beautiful evening wish I.

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More on specs.

again babelfish:

Silk-soft run by 5-pin engine with rotor 21-polige interface opulente abundance at boiler fittings of free standing lines and beginning parts drive in the locomotive and all axles propelled reproduction of the interior cylinder with bent axle material metal: Chassis, wheels, boilers and structure of tender from pressure pouring detailed tender chassis kurzkupplung between locomotive and tender locomotive with digital interface easy to service contact connection locomotive with stirnlampen - maintenance-free LEDS darkness nickel plated surface metal chassis properly matching detention tires magnifying glass-pure inscription all details installed, Zuruestteile lie with safe packing, optimal protection of the model 5-pin engine with high torque drive with rotor

21 pin!?

QUOTE (dbclass50 @ 25 Jan 2008, 22:39) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Quite rightly so, especially with brand new tooling, there is absolutely no excuse at all, sorry Doug, I don't buy the "Hornby locos are designed for tight radius curves" either. This is not a "Hornby" loco as the UK knows it - it is Hornby International AKA Rivarossi.

All the european locmotives I have with close coupling between the locomotive & tender will run quite happily on R1 curves.

Ship spoilt by a haporth of tar.

Brian, if I have understood correctly from the translation, the Loco is articulated !

QUOTE (ME 26-06 @ 25 Jan 2008, 23:59) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>EDIT: Baykal, 5-pole motor, 21 pin DCC interface. Makes the directional light issue even less understandable, should it turn out to be true. btw, could it be that the class 58 has a special place in any Turkish railroad enthusiast´s heart...?

Hey Tom,

Now you've got me on my weakest spot. I was on a quest recently to find any info of the forefather of the Br 58, namely the mysterious 56900 series of loco's of the TCDD. Not a single photo existed. Check :

I was so frustrated that I openly asked it on Drehscheibe Online:,3637069

Now I have all the pictures and info, thanks to the gents who replied to my quest wholeheartedly.

Since the pictures are copyrighted if you wish I can PM them to you, and to anybody else for that matter.

Take care

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QUOTE (Doug @ 26 Jan 2008, 14:36) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Looks like an interesting model. I wonder if some of the building technology might filter down to UK models? What price is it?

The price in the USA abt 245 usd analog, 285 usd AC model

e-bay : abt 200 euro.

Hi Tom,

I have PM'd you the pictures.

Judging by them seems not that hard to convert.

Also, squeeze a Br 58 like an accordion from both sides, what do you get ?

A Br 56.

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