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Hornby's new HO model

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A rivarossi Br 58 of the DB era 3.

Says in stores 1st Q. Also AC version available.

I am looking forward to it.

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Looks great.

HR 2017 (prototype model). German Steam loco with tender. DB series 58. Metal boiler and tender. Inner cylinder movement.

This is what it looked like at Nürnberg at the beginning of last year:
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Remember we saw the Prototype a year ago... then promptly forgot about it.

It wasn't even commented on. Here's the story from last year's show:
So they are complaining about the loco tender gap and a lack of directional lighting.

Well, we've heard about the gap problem, Hornby locos are designed for tight radius curves. Lights on a steam loco are new and to expect directional buffer lamps is quite a lot.
You guys are misinterpreting my post

I'm just saying that the complaints that we all know about on UK stock are now being made about this model... You wonder where the engineers get their ideas from. I'm not making excuses or defending anyone.

Looks like an interesting model. I wonder if some of the building technology might filter down to UK models? What price is it?
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1 - 4 of 25 Posts
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