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Exactly the same economic concerns were expressed over the transfer of much toy and other small consumer items manufacture to Japan from the 1950's onwards. Guys, this is how economic development works, as the Chinese economy grows and develops, the low cost manufacturing will move to India, then on to Africa, until the whole world is economically developed; and everybody gets the access to education, health care and the chance to make a decent living in the way the West has enjoyed the last 50 years. Anticipated to be a 200 year process, we will be long dead by the time it is complete.

Energy to do it will run out fairly soon. If the process runs on track look out for a 'Manhattan project' scale (hopefully global co-development) project to make fusion energy a reality. The prospect of this 'Golden Path' appears feasible, if we can collectively bury the hatchet and agree to all get rich together...
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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