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Hornby's Troubled 08s.

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I have recently bought two of Hornby's DCC ready 08s. must admit they are great locos to run, but after a short time they both start shrieking very loud. I have oiled all of the moving parts on both locos, but still not solved the problem.
Has anybody else had this with the 08s. and any suggestions on how to cure it?
I've had layouts and several hundred locos since 1956, with plenty of problems to solve, but this one has beat me!
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I shouldn't worry about it too much. I have a class 08 myself that's DCC ready and it does make a squeaky noise which I think is normal for this type of model. They do look good and run superbly. If it does start to jerk a bit or the noise gets worse then you best take it to your nearest model shop and see what they say. Better yet get in touch with Hornby via their website and ask them what you should do. They're quick for responding to any questions an problems, believe me!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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