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Hornby's Troubled 08s.

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I have recently bought two of Hornby's DCC ready 08s. must admit they are great locos to run, but after a short time they both start shrieking very loud. I have oiled all of the moving parts on both locos, but still not solved the problem.
Has anybody else had this with the 08s. and any suggestions on how to cure it?
I've had layouts and several hundred locos since 1956, with plenty of problems to solve, but this one has beat me!
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The daft thing is when I emailed hornby originally after buying the blue one and it squeaking they sent a message back telling me to ring their service department due to the model being difficult to strip down, I never bothered and never stripped it down to sort out. Now two or more years later when I've had to strip another version down (eventually traced non running fault to a broken wire) I find they're an absolute doddle to strip down to lubricate the gearbox and I can't see what the fuss was all about. I fail to see why they have to use wire the thickness of spiders legs on their diesels though it's just asking for trouble in my opinion.

If anone wants a bit more of a challenge try stripping the latest Bachy 37 down to its motor to stop the driveshaft inserts in the flywheels from slipping!!
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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