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Noting the comments elsewhere about the use of a generic chassis to create countless models using that chassis (is the use of the Q1 0-6-0) it has occurred to me that if Hornby and Bachmann got there act together they could cut development costs on individual models and bring us a wider range of models including those with a relatively narrow appeal.

I don't know what chassis development and manufacturing costs are but if Hornby and Bachmann negotiated a deal to share the costs of chassis development on certain models it could be wonderful news for modellers and surely it would release development money for even more new models?

Tenders for example. What is wrong with sharing these?

DMU/EMU motors and bogies ditto.

They could jointly develop a Blue Pullman!

If this is a way of getting models that are considered to have limited appeal then I'm all for it. They could certainly set up a joint company with a new name specifically for this purpose.

So will we ever see Hornmann or Bachnby models and if we do are there any strong contenders?

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Alas i fear such a relationship would end in tears as both sought to impress its will on the other and struggled to reach compromise. Lets not forget that bachmann keep redoing hornby's range and hornby keep rereleasing old out of date versions of them to nick a few sales.
One notable agreement between the 2 in recent years was when they both looked like releasing a grange until bachmann did the Hall instead. No such qualms about stepping on Heljans toes though. Could you imagine if heljan had done a class 66 as well as bachmann.
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