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HOT Dapol news!

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From Pat Hammond's MRE mag today:-

QUOTE Dapol Open their Doors

Yesterday, it was open house at the Dapol factory in Chirk for invited guests and an opportunity to talk to the management. There was a chance for the press to view forthcoming projects and tour the factory, with all the stages in wagon production demonstrated.

The big news was two new locomotives to be ready for Warley - the 9F and Hymek. Finished pre-production samples of both were available for guests to handle. A 9F was running round on a circuit pulling a very long train of Dogfish wagons and running very well. Two tender types were displayed - BR1C and BR1G - and, from the start, both single and double chimney versions will be released and a total of 8 versions are to be modelled in the first batches. They will have 5-pole motors (tender powered/loco drive), fully see-through wheels which will be to RP 25 standard and will include flangeless centre wheels, they will be DCC ready, have 16 wheel pick-up, NEM coupling housing and will be super-detailed with separate handrails and piping.

The Hymek will come in four livery variations and will have a 5-pole skew-wound motor, low friction mechanism with pinpoint metal wheel bearings, heavy chassis, super flush cab glazing, wire handrails, yellow glow marker light and headcode, a selection of 8 codes for the codeboxes, painted cab interior, customer added air pipes, snowploughs and coupling chain.

Coming in 2008 will be a B17 Footballer, a modified Class 14xx with added top-feed, Ivatt 2MT with fitted push-pull equipment, Class 156 two-car sets, the Q1 in Southern livery, dummy low emission Class 66s in Metronet and Freightliner livery and a Class 221 Super Voyager in a 4-car set. Also planned for Warley 2008 are a Class 67 in EWS livery, a DVT and one model which is going to remain a secret for now.

New wagons in the 00 range will include the telescopic steel hood, a rectangular tank, Grampus and a Fruit D. They will all have NEM coupling pockets and wheels to RP25.110 standard.

The new locomotives built to the highest standard will be sold in Dapol's Platinum range. The 2008 catalogue will be out at Christmas.

N gauge is becoming increasingly tempting! N gaugers must be jumping up and down with joy!

No doubt all will be revealed in true Dapol style at the Warley National Model Railway Show.

Happy modelling
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There is a full press release on, including photos of the 9F.

It all looks very good to me and I think Dapol will be getting a large chunk of my modelling budget in the next twelve months!


Dapol have updated their N Gauge News page at with photos of the new Hymek, along with very tempting CAD/CAM images for the B17.
The Hymek looks like a very nice model, it's almost enough to tempt me to return to N.

QUOTE (BRITHO @ 26 Oct 2007, 15:20) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>The Hymek looks like a very nice model, it's almost enough to tempt me to return to N.
But what is it running on in the Dapol pictures?! It looks like porridge to me...
The DVT looks very good, I can't wait to see the rest of the train!
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QUOTE (goedel @ 24 Nov 2007, 23:21) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>But what is it running on in the Dapol pictures?! It looks like porridge to me...

I thought it looked a bit like soggy Rice Crispies!!

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