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QUOTE Bachmann and Hornby are single brands: To be honest I find it hard to believe that at least one EU company (Marklin/Trix) and a couple more US companies aren't at these or higher levels!

Not strictly true. Bachmann/Kadar do indeed claim to be the largest model railway manufacturer in the world by volume. I've heard the claim made in a presentation by Dennis Lovatt , though he added that Maerklin are larger by turnover (but smaller by unit volume)

This includes all the brands of their model railway empire - Bachmann in the US, Lilliput, Bachmann and Farish in Europe plus Bachmann's Chinese range . The Kadar factory also apparently make models for other undisclosed brands (some of the specialist Australian names came to my mind)

To call all Kadar's model railway activities Bachmann is a slight simplification , but it is their usual brand in most markets.

And strictly speaking Hornby are no longer a one brand operation since they now have Electrotren, Jouef , Arnold and Rivarossi , though their market presence in the US is obviously very small

The writer of the Wiki may have got his wires slightly crossed and quoted turnover figures only for Bachmann Europe , not for the whole of Kadar's Trains Division (which I doubt would be publicly available) - the figures do not look right for Kadar globally
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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