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First I am angry...argggh.

Ok, here is my situation. I have ordered a Lokpilot micro V3 DCC decoder a while ago. I have just bought the train that actually has a 6 pin connector. So far I used Lokpilot V3 DCC 8 pin, runs great everything is ok with it. Anyways my problem with the V3 DCC micro that maybe this is not really a V3. It says it on the box, but when i took it out the quality check sticker on the chip was date 2004 that is a bit old, but since I am a newby thought hey no prob.

So fitted it in nicely in the loco everythin is ok, runs nice, etc. First problem happend when i tried to read out te decoder's information with the Ecos, it recognized as a V2, not a V3 micro. Well may be this is some glitch, lets change it to micro. OK works fine till I do "change direction" with the Ecos knob. If you are not familiar with the Ecos you can do a direction change with the knob the following way: Turnit all the way back to starting positin till it klicks then when you hear the klicking noise it automatically stops and changes directions also. When I did that my loco froze:(

I did some digging and found out that the V2 had problems like this. If I do a "regular" direction change then it works fine only this knob-click-change gives a hard time. So is there any way to tell if it is a V2 or V3 decoder? I thing this is a last cause against my dealer...

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*** The LokSound Micro has only ever been released as a V3 or V3.5. Loksound 2 was well gone before Micro was produced!. The only place you might find LS 2 now will be in factory fitted sound - for example some mehano still used old stock for a while.... and slow selling dealers could have Roco or similar with LS 2 factroy fitted decoders in stock.

If its a 2004 production Micro then its one of the first of them - there is a later software relase - it can be flash upgraded very easily with a lokprogrammer - If a new release ever happens, I always do this with all existing stock before sale so the customer has the latest software.


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