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How can you tell one pole from another?

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I have been a railway meddler for many years, and i still suprise myself by what i don't know about this hobby, i just been browsing through Augusts edition of "Model Rail", theres an article in it about the Tri-ang X03/4 motors, it mentions that they where, and still are i suppose, 3 pole motors. How do you tell the difference between a 3 pole motor & a 5 pole motor, or even a 7 pole motor? i'm referring to the open framed motors, where you can see the armatures, and not the all singing and all dancing canned types, I am aware that a 5 pole runs smoother than a 3 pole, but how do they achieve those extra poles, i'm sure there must be a simple explanation? or is there.
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Dear Thunder;
The poles are on the 'armature', the bit of the motor that actually goes round. One pole is the metal piece with a coil of wire round it. The X04 motors have three of these, the minimum you can have and still have the motor start on it's own. Extra poles make the motor more powerful, smoother running and better at low speeds. There are always an odd of poles to ensure the motor starts turning without assistance.

If you are not sure of the number of poles on any motor, mark one pole with a felt-tip pen, turn the motor shaft by hand and count the number of poles that take you get back to the original.

John Webb
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