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Fear not! I think all is not lost.
It is still easy to add hills and even cutting after the track is in place. I used blocks of insulating faom covered with plaster cloth and plaster, which is easy to sculpture to rock strata while still wet.
Other option with your lay out is to consider an urban/industrial setting which can all be of basically the one level, or with a row of houses lifted up a few inches behind a nice arched retaining wall, the arches of which could also be converted to small workshops etc.
Or the possibility to put a higher section in one corner with a canal and lock, the main length of canal being at your base level, perhpas then going to a large mill building at the other corner which will 'frame' your centre section nicely.
Check out magazines for other insperations, Good luck!
1 - 1 of 46 Posts
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