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How do you decide on what the scenery of your layout will look like and where do you start on your scenery

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With my wiring of the layout almost complete I am wanting to make a start on the scenic part of the layout.

The trouble is I have an idea in my head on how I want it to look but where do I start. Is there a rule that you follow when you are planning what your layout is going to look like scenic wise and how you go about making a start.

I mean I was wondering if there are any programs like the hornby hvr2 program where you can build scenery including adding scatter buildings and other things like signals so you can try first away from the layout until you are happy with what you want without going head first onto the layout and then having to rip it up and start again when it just doesn't look right.
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For drawing three dimensions, and perspective, a great free program is Google Sketchup the tutorial shows how easy it is.
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