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How do you decide on what the scenery of your layout will look like and where do you start on your scenery

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With my wiring of the layout almost complete I am wanting to make a start on the scenic part of the layout.

The trouble is I have an idea in my head on how I want it to look but where do I start. Is there a rule that you follow when you are planning what your layout is going to look like scenic wise and how you go about making a start.

I mean I was wondering if there are any programs like the hornby hvr2 program where you can build scenery including adding scatter buildings and other things like signals so you can try first away from the layout until you are happy with what you want without going head first onto the layout and then having to rip it up and start again when it just doesn't look right.
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I've been back in the shed this evening and did a bit of work back on the depot side of things and I've also started with some black scatter to be a carpark next to the depot building. I've taken out one of the lines that leads to the sidings next to the depot so that I could extend the shed without encroaching to the siding line that ran to the side of the depot building. And after removing the extra line I've extended the concrete area as well to match the existing shed.

Wood Wall Composite material Asphalt Landscape

I know it looks a little rough and the picture isn't exactly clear. The building also needs a little fiddling with as well to get the windows right as you can see they aren't exctly straight.

I've also taken the point that was next to the depot and added the siding to the fiddle yard so that I can store more stock in the fiddle area. And I've also added some more power feeds as to power the line but I also have the added bonus of being able to create the programming track that richard has mentioned on another thread.

I tested all lines with Union and it's support coach and after a little track cleaning seeing as nothing has really been ran on it for a while since I did the last bit of work and it flew round and looked fantastic.


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After the busy day yesterday fiddling with the layout I decided with swmbo and the kids being out at the in-laws it was a day of working in the shed.

I went to a local hardware store and managed to get hold of some insulating sheet like you use for insulating your lofts out but in rigid form. I bought 3 boards of it coming to about 13.00 which isn't really bad considering it's 25mm thick so it can be cut down in half if needed. When I got home i started with the banking and tunnel area to the left of the layout and also the banking that will house the roadway and when I get round to it some low relief shop fronts as well.

Train Electricity Wood Electrical wiring Gas

It's very easy to cut but I did have to remove the silver backing to it that it came with.

I also removed the grout from inside of the tracks for inside of the depot area and the trains run albeit after a little fettling to get it running correctly. And I've also prayed the rest of the concrete area as well.

The biggest news is that the brickwork that once adorned the edges of the board have been covered and will be painted once the plaster has dried to reflect the sky as best I can do it. I know It's not exactly brilliant but hey I'm a police controller not a plasterer and without any help I gave it a bash and I'm happy with it so far.I know it will need a littl sanding down once dry to get it smooth and uniform but it's not bad for a first

Wood Floor Flooring Gas Composite material


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Hi Brian thanks for the comments but I've moved the progress of the layout now to

This one has the correct title now.


For drawing three dimensions, and perspective, a great free program is Google Sketchup the tutorial shows how easy it is.
Hi Welcome to the forum

Sure Harkins could use the programme for his layout which has moved to this link ''Cleveland mills'' i'l pass on your tip to him if he doesnt pick it up himself.

What do you model Mike ? we are all here to help you in anyway we can just shout .......
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