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In another topic there is a discussion revolving around "quality".

Yet we have not defined what quality means!

We may all have a view on what quality means to us.

There are some for whom quality means a model with a motor that can be serviced and parts that are easily removed and replaced kit style.

There are others for whom quality means a model that is prototypically accurate.

There may be a clash of cultures and what represents quality to one nation and one person may not to another.

So we do really need to define what we mean by quality.

Only then can manufacturers produce the perfect model that satisfies everybody!

Happy modelling

PS is it about meeting customer expectation? If a model is capable of pulling 4 coaches and no more then if it stated this as part of a "Performance Specification" on the packaging would you be happy?

Car manufacturers offer performance figures. There is absolutely no reason why model railway manufacturers could not do the same.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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