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QUOTE (ME 26-06 @ 11 Jul 2007, 20:57) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Thanks Baykal!

Your mentioning of Micro-Metakit on the other thread (and an engine I just got from my dealer) has just reminded me that i forgot something.

"Quality" to me also means "predictability". I´d like to leave Hornby out of this, as they are fairly new to continental modelling, however, when I buy a Fleischmann, a Trix, or a Roco engine, then I know what to expect from them in terms of quality. Although some models may disappoint my expectations, "Trix" usually means that the model will be a bit on the rugged side, with reliable (read "vintage") motors installed, yet great paint jobs and great pulling power. Lots of metal used. Roco usually fetures all-wheel-drive, a plastic shell on a heavy diecast frame, and a five-pole motor. Not quite as rugged as Trix. Fleischmann is somewhere inbetween... you get the idea.

When Liliput (-Bachmann) announces a new engine, I am not sure what to expect, as their quality in the past (not only since Bachmann took over) was very inconsistent. There were really good engines, as the class 42 and 52 engines, and there were clinkers like the new class 45 engine, or the streamlined class 01. Therefore, I´d like to see engines made by that manufacturer before I decide whether to buy them or not. Same applies to Piko engines, as the revamped stuff from East German times does not hold in my eyes, the "newer", post 1995 engines are fine with me in some cases, but utter crap in others.

Bottom line, if, say, Roco and Piko both announced a class 146 (which they have), I´ll wait for Roco; if Trix and Liliput both announced a Prussian S9 steam engine (my secret dream), I´d preorder the Trix right away and stayed clear of the Liliput.

Y´all understand what I´m trying to say?

I'd agree with all the above. I see quality as reliability, durability and fit for the purpose. Even with any given company you have a bit of variance between models as has been highlighted. I guess you know a lemon when you buy one and if you consistently get lemons your view of that company will be tarnished.
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