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*** More to the point, the existing bearings may have worn and the older plastic in the existing bogie may also have shrunk. The axle lengths will be fine... The axles are made with high production rate gear and a repeat CNC lathe has the same sort of abilities to be accurate time after time anywhere in the world.

Pinpoint bearings are pinpoint bearings. You may need to deepen or clean up the bearing a little but please do NOT file them. This will guarantee faster wear and give less free running than a properly mated pinpoint axle and properly coned bearing. There is a proper tool available for this called the "truck tuner" thats available from Micro-mark in USA and probably from one or two UK specialists too.

I have found the Hornby wheel packs - which are made with lathe turned wheels and axles, to be of good value and quality all of the time - with Bachmanns a little less so if they happen to use the older style cast wheel centres with the short stub axles.

Very nice wheels will also come from Ultrascale, Branchlines or Markits for OO, but expect to pay "more than a little more" per axle.


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