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26mm is pretty much standard these days (it was the dimension used by Romford back in the day), but check it just in case, as a few manufacturers use (or used) 24.5mm - Lima is one that comes to mind.

Being European where 24.5mm is the standard, it is to be expected that Lima would use such a standard.

Unfortunately, other manufacturers have used 24.5mm axles - I have several different Bachmann TEA tankers and other modern bogie wagons which have different axle lengths - either 26 or 24.5. It really depends on which factory was employed and it isn't necessarily the same factory for each run - TEAs being an example.

I seem to recall that teh early Bachmann Bullied coaches have some weird arrangement where one end of the bogie takes an approximation to 26mm and the other end takes 24.5mm.

I think the Dapol 6 wheel tankers also originally had 24.5mm, The Hornby ones probably do, given their Lima origins ?

Talk to Ultrascale and they will tell you how many times manufacturers change axle sizes, both length and diameter, including within the same model and different releases of the same model!
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