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How do you see your digital self?

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How do you see your digital self?
Absolute beginner with 0-1 system 1241.38%
Some experiance with 1-2 systems 1137.93%
Loads of experiance with 1-2 systems413.79%
Loads of experiance with multiple systems26.90%
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Lets learn more about those who visit this section of Model Rail Forum.

Lets also assume that if you visit here then you have some interest in DCC.

And this is for those who have participated here and those who have not.

So that we can tailor this DCC forum to best accomodate its visitors it will help if we can have an idea of how we see ourselves.

We don't want to know what you have got but we do want to know what proportion of Model Rail Forum members see ourselves as absolute beginners even if you have not participated before in the forum but like to read what is said. If you are a beginner or thinking about DCC then you are invited to provide your thoughts. This way we can work out how best to utilise Model Rail Forum to help us all.

Happy modelling
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I think it would be good to have available, instructions for decoder installation for every proprietary model (eventually). I know some of this is on the bromsgrove models site which is excellent - but there are gaps. If like me you have some older models you still want to use then some expert help would be valued.

I like the section on points as I have a lot of insulfrog and I have been debating what to do. All this info helps. I voted as a novice by the way.

Please though keep it simple.
Yes i'm an almost absolute beginner with DCC, althogh i have had a model railway since the age of 7 and are now 50 something or other, i have only just switched to DCC. (had it for about 15 months) i took this decision for two reasons, i) my layouts wiring looked like a plate of spaggetti and getting worse, ii) i wanted to run my trains, and not spend hours trying to detect and rectify faults. so i now operate my railway with the lenz 100 system, as for the technical side, and the discussions about BUS & XPRESSNET, i have not the faintest idea what any body is talking about, and i'm not sure i really want to know, thats not the reason i enjoy model railways, what i do know is that i now get more enjoyment from my layout because of DCC, and would not return the the analog system
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I've recently made the decision to have a go with a DCC system & had my plans set on an Atlas Commander/ Lenz Compact unit but, now having seen the look of the new Hornby system with its Lenz compatibility and apparant ability to add a name to to the address of the loco I might hold off until some feedback points out the pros & cons of the unit. As with most beginers the Xpressnet/Loconet arguement is mere technobabble to me, I just want to control locos without gobsmacking amounts of wiring to block sections & any system with more than 20 address capability should do the trick.
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I'm one of the 2 people who have (so far) selected option 4, it's almost 11 years since I first used DCC, starting of with a Lenz setup (probably an 01) in a club before we got sick of that and changed to a Digitrax BigBoy set, this was followed soon after by my own purchase of a Digitrax Challenger set, which was later upgraded to a BigBoy and I am now using a Digitrax Super Chief. I also operated a NCE Powerhouse pro for a number of years on a friends layout before we feel out of touch, and was reaquainted with Lenz again when I operated a layout running off their set 100 at an exhibition a couple of years ago. I don't have practical experience with other systems, but I have had discussions with users who have given me an idea of most of the others, and let's face it there's not alot of differance between systems that share the sam com-BUS other than bugs and user interfaces. I've also built my own decoders and throttles in the past as well as a few LocoNet I/O devices, and in case no-ones spotted it from my postings on the subject, I also have a good understanding of LocoNet and XpressNet communication protocols and the languages in general.
So that's my experience with DCC which I'm always willing to share, and of course I'm always willing to learn more from those who know about other areas I haven't looked into yet.

P.S. I hate Microsoft! Sorry, bad day, an I just had to tell someone that
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I've labeled myself under option 2 since honestly that's where I am. I work in the IT field so I have had a lot of experience comparing technologies and going beyond the hype. By the end of this year I suspect that I will be at least an option 3. I hope I never reach option 4 as that would mean I would belong to the same club as Lisa

Seriously I'm more of a loner when it comes to my hobbies and with my own empire in my library I doubt that I will try to many other systems.
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After returning to the hobby five years ago (middle age has its merits)I have used in order:

Lenz Compact
Roco, Loco Mouse Two (I blew up the amp in the dark under my bench work)
but still think the Hand held is the best in the world so far.
Final forced upgrade:
Lenz LH100 and Lzv100 amp

I like decoder Pro for programming and when I have finished the occupancy detectors (this week/ dream on) RRand Co is to be king on my system.

I do not consider myself an expert, and certainly understood next to nothing of the loconet expressnet debate recently held here.

Nevertheless, I have been known to get the odd train to move!

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I have taken the plunge to DCC some 2 months ago and got myself a Lenz Set100. Since then I have been training myself putting decoders in some 20 odd Bachmann and Hornby steam locos. My biggest challenge until now has been the Bachmann J72. In the mean time the test track has been connected to the computer. The next step will be adjusting each decoder properly to its loco using Decoder Pro in order to provide the best performance possible.
I acquired the digital freight set from Bachmann several months ago, set the decoder up , put the class 25 on the track set it going and thought big deal!
Then I realised that to gain the benefits it would be good to get a second decoder and upgrade a loco. That was better so I did another one and fried a decoder when one of the wires became unsoldered. I have upgraded another diesel and have a further 2 chips to install possibly into a steam loco just for science purposes.
I think the Bachmann system has its uses but a lot of limitations also and might be best suited to a branch line or small layout. I am not too keen on the dial power controller as it can cause problems if varying speed and moving from loco to loco.
I might consider the hornby system providing reviews are favourable. I find it extremely surprising that it is a totally new set up and not built from some other manufacturers old stock.
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On the subject of old stock does anyone know who makes the newest Bachmann decoder chips as they are totally different in appearence from the 2 previous lenz type ones?
QUOTE (Dennis David @ 8 Jan 2006, 17:46)I hope I never reach option 4 as that would mean I would belong to the same club as Lisa
come over to the dark side Dennis. (insert evil laugh emoticon)
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