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How fast can Hornby Live Steam go?

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Model Mallard Speed Challenge

The OO Live Steam Club gets youngsters to 'have-a-go' at its Roadshows partly to show sceptical grey haired onlookers that they can be realistically and accurately controlled


So the Club decided to launch the Model Mallard Speed Challenge - a 6 month competition with lots of prizes already donated by partners and well-wishers. Hornby are donating an original Live Steam promo shirt.

The campaign launches at Doncaster Railway Station on July 3 next week (all day), the 80th anniversary of Mallard's record 126mph run.

Do you think Hornby's Live Steam Mallard can do a scale 126mph?

More information here:-
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This is delightful. Thank you for posting this results sheet.

Best regards .............. Greyvoices (alias john)
Being a compusively data driven personality type I histogrammed all the speed numbers I could confidently read, and the distribution wasn't way off normal, arithmetic mean, median and mode all close to 140; which suggests that the timing data gathering and subsequent speed calculations were decently reliable. (There was a skew, with a tail to higher speed values: could be accounted for by well run in specimens that were that bit more free running, or little run specimens that were more steam tight; other hypotheses are available, we cannot validate without more information!)

If we assume that the distance run - on which the calculation had to be based - was accurate, then Hornby do appear to have pitched the mechanism about right for speed capability.

And quite seriously folks, I have seen business decisions in the many millions of dollars per annum range made on the basis of flakier data than this...
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