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The ECoSlink is an internal bus system based on CAN. It enables communcation between the main system and other devices which are intergral to the main system. The sockets on the back of the ECoS are there to allow for expansion using devices which may be released in the future for the ECoS. The ECoSboost is the only thing I can think of at the moment that could be connected via the ECoSlink. The Mobile Control connects throughthe ECoSlot which is underneath the control console.

Points and signals can be connected to accessory decoders which would in turn be connected to a separate power bus to that which is connected to the track. I split my power bus not long after it comes out the back of the ECoS console into one for track and one for accessory decoders.

Occupancy detectors (S88s) plug into their own dedicated separate 6 pin connection at the back of the ECoS. There is much additional wiring which is a bit complicated however the manuals included with the S88 products is good and easily followed. Be careful which S-88s you buy as the majority are suitable for three rail only like Maerklin's and some of the Veissmanns or have idiosyncrasies like the Veissmann which limit their functionality. LDT are probably the best to use with the ECoS.

Hope this makes sense.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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