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We have set up Invision boards before and these are the ways in which people use the software.

Case study #1: I've used this software for a few years now with other forums. I think it's simple and easy to use. I have a link on my 'Quick Links' bar of Internet Explorer and once in, I click 'View New Posts' on the toolbar right away. I scan all the new posts then after reading and posting, I just close the browser. Using Firefox tabbed browsing helps keep things in order. I keep the board index on one tab and open up links in others. - DT

Case study #2: I have a link on my 'favorites', then goto the Forum and usually check who is on at the time (nosey, I guess
). Then I usually pull up My Assistant and check those posts since I last logged on. After viewing/posting, I usually just get out until my next available moment! - TL

Case study #3: I use the apple browser Safari, and click on a link that I set up in the favorites bar, or type the key combination command-1, either of which opens the forum page. I immediately click on view new posts. Then I command-shift click on the new posts I am interested in, which opens them in separate windows behind the window with the list of new posts. Once I have opened all the ones i am interested in, I read them, closing each window when I am done reading with command-W, and the next post is waiting in the window behind. When I close the last window and there is nothing behind it but my desktop, i know it is time to get back to work
- BM

Case study #4: I set the Forum to send me emails when a topic is updated (by subscribing to the topic) and the emails from the Forum have a link to the new post or new topic and I just click on it, or I will launch my Browser and I have the home page on my favorites.
Once I'm in I use the blue Icon to the left of the thread or forum topic to determine threads or topics that have had posts since I was in last. When I'm done reading threads in a topic I click on the "mark this forum as read" link at the end on a topic.
Once everything is read I have a cigarette, no just kidding, I don't smoke.
- DC
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