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I'm new to the Forum. I have a 'small' problem. I have a number of older models by Roco and I want to dismantle them for repairs and upgrade BUT I cannot for the life of me see how to separate the boiler(s) from the chassis! There doesn't seem to be any visible screws, catches or clips
. The Locos are Br 44's & 50's. I don't want to 'butcher' the locos cos I want to re-assemble them after upgrading. So, can anyone advise me on this, please? Thanx in advance.
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Hi Dee,

I know dismantalling Roco's, specially steamers, are a pain. I have the both steamers you mention.

For the tender; gently put your forefingers on the two bottom sides near the bogies while pushing downwards with your tumbs from the coal chute and try to open outwards the two sides very gently. It will click loose and you just have to pull upwards to acxess the motor.

The loco is straight forward just loosen up the two screws underneath.

Hope this helps feel free to ask any other questions and welcome to MRF.

Hi Dee & welcome to MRF,

Baykals advice on the Roco locomotives is sound - sometimes the fixing screws are diffecult to find & if I remember correctly are sometimes the same ones that hold the pony truck pivot.

Hope this helps - I may have some service sheets that I could scan & then email them to you if that's any help.
Thanks Baykal and Brian.
Hopefully, I will be able to have another closer look at the locos this coming weekend when I'm not working. I bought the locos in Hong Kong and at the Model Railway Markets in Houten, The Netherlands, some 5-6 years ago and the Service Sheets were missing, so the Sheets would be appreciated, Brian. I'll let you know how I manage, guys.
Thanx again.
PS The locos are over 10 years old but still run great!.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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