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I have been watching a stunning DVD about the legendary Deltic over the last few days and when I say stunning I mean stunning. I was drawn to tears and it is a real shame that we are never going to see such British traction on the railways ever again and to see The Flying Scotsman complete with thistle headboard departing out of Kings Cross is definitely a sight worth watching over and over again!

"Deltics 1955-1978 - The Definitive Account of the Legendary Class 55" is a must have for all DVD fans with plenty of film of Deltics whizzing along at 100mph past the camera and past "100" speed posts that adorned the cover of Model Rail recently and with the exception of prototype Deltic film all in colour.

The sound is absolutely stunning and the commentator knows when to shut up and let the loco do the talking and it would not surprise me if Bachmann have used some of this film to create the sound for their Deltic sound decoder loco. If the sound of their loco is anything like the sound in this film then Bachmann had better produce rather more than the 1000 models planned as it will be the model of 2007!

Here are 6 questions for you drawn from information contained within the DVD:-

How far does a Deltic have to travel to stop from 100mph?

What was the top recorded speed of a Deltic?

Which year did a Deltic visit Bristol for the first time?

Which was the final year that a Deltic ran in its original two tone green livery?

What was the name of the named Deltic train introduced for 1 year only in 1977?

Which year were Deltics first permited to run unrestricted between London and Edinburgh shaving 30 minutes off the time for the trip?

Happy modelling
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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