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Personally, I wouldn't use polystyrene - it's flammable and gives off toxic fumes and some people say (although I've never had this experience because I don't use it), that it interferres with insulation on wires.

I would highly recommend using plaster for rocks or any kind of stone work. Plaster has a natural absorbant capability which means it is a very good medium for water colours, which I assume is what the Woodlands pigments are. The following in an article about a tunnel mouth I built using plaster and water colours:

This one is the same technique with a viaduct:

...and the parapits to a steel bridge:

The ket yo using water colours is to use __VERY__ watery coloured washes. You can darken water colours, but you can't lighten them. Progressive washes with tone changes along the way can give some very reallistic effects for stone and rock. I honestly wouldn't do it any other way.
Don't forget the weeds on the rock ledges!

Graham Plowman
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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