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How to post a photo in your posting.

The First stage is to go to an on-line Photo Hosting Site. I use Photobucket. (Link below.)

When you have followed the photo sites instructions, and up loaded your photo(s), you are ready for the next stage.

In your posting, you need to put the "URL" or address in between two "markers" (BB Code)

For this example I am using curved brackets ( and ) instead of square brackets [ and ] otherwise the computer will action the markers, and you will not see the code!


With Square Brackets, you get...

In Photobucket, there are links "ready made" below each photo in your "Album". The bottom one "IMG Code" is "ready to run", and does not need you to put the "IMG" markers in, as they are already there. All you need do is "Copy" and "Paste" the link into your posting.

I hope this makes the process a little clearer.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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