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how to remove tender motor cover

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hi everyone,

my son has all the hornby 'Thomas the Tank' 00 engines.

gordon 'the big blue engine' is sick.

the problem lies with the motor/gearbox that resides within the tender unit - one of the gears has come adrift

can anyone please tell me how to remove the top cover of the tender? - i see no screws & am afraid of breaking it.

many thanks.
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problem sorted - by chance i seen an old service sheet in another forum - the cover is 'clipped in'.

to remove you have to insert a s/driver from underneath the motor carriage & gently lever the side 'outwards' away from the retaining catches to release.

sorry about the trivial question.
Glad you've sorted it out.
Don't worry about asking questions we're not of the tsk what a moron type on here. Any question is a good one and we don't mind helping out where possible.

I wouldn't relish the prospect of prising a tender top off without a bit of a clue.
If you need any gears for Gordon I'd try either modelspares of Burnley or East Kent models as if you contact hornby they'll probably redirect you there anyway.
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thanks for your kind reply SB - will keep that address in mind.

just to add about removing the tender top - you actually insert the s/driver inside the tender compartment not between the plastic cover & metal wheel carriage.

the open space found around the wheels (with the carriage turned upside down) allows you to do this - you then sort of push the side outwards from the inside thereby avoiding any damage.

discovered the main motor gear had fallen off - pressed it back on with loc tight
my son & gordon are both feeling much better.
QUOTE (rampzoid @ 6 Mar 2006, 19:57)discovered the main motor gear had fallen off - pressed it back on with loc tight

This is a VERY common fault with the alloy gear
that Hornby used at one time,-the best solution is to replace it with a brass one,-they're readily available.
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Yep this is one of the few things that loctite won't actually lock tight!
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