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QUOTE (ashleyh @ 24 Mar 2007, 23:15) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I had been looking forward to the weekend, and had two main objectives (from a model railway point of view).
Firstly, firstly to find a Bachmann 32-040DS Class 20 with sound. No joy there I'm afraid tried every shop within a 2 hour radius, all gone or never had one in the first place. I have one more lead to try thanks to a fellow forum member, but it looks like they've all gone now. On line searches show a few at Antics and others, but when you phone it turns out the websites are out of date.


Ashley you may be interested to know that Hattons expect to get "a few" more 32-040DS Class 20s.

My shopping for the weekend was to pre-order one (second and perhaps last chance), even though this example is out of my period (I'm thinking of swapping the bodies with a more modern livery if the internals permit).
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