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QUOTE (ozwarrior @ 27 Mar 2007, 09:33) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Boy, I wish there was a shop close enough to shop/browse every Saturday!

Totally agree with you there Ozwarrior... some people can walk to a shop, others get in the car... I have to book a flight!! Instead I spent my weekend on Hattons Website... and bought:

1 Bachmann 32-137 4575 2-6-2 Prairie tank loco 5500 in BR plain black with early emblem
1 Bachmann 33-805 20 Ton brake van in BR grey
3 Bachmann 37-157 8-plank wagon "Stewarts & Lloyds Ltd"
1 Bachmann H576 Pack of 4 x 37-656 14 ton tank wagons "Imperial Chemicals Industries"

One step nearer to my first layout of late 1950's industrial West Midlands in 00

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