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And that would be Ray at well you know who. Yep he got me the same loco. It is unfortunate but the price is fixed by the importer who I think are Zimblers in SA so if you take into account customs duty , freight and GST well $220 isn't so bad . After all if you buy local it can't get lost in the post. I also got Hornby Princess'Queen Maud, BoB "Sir Keith Park" and M7 30031, Bachmann Jubilee, Crab, K3, Ivatt double chimney class 4, Fairbairn tank a couple of dozen Dapol 21T hoppers and 6 6wheel milk tanks. On the way from UK are a Comet rebuilt Royal Scot, Comet chassis and tender for the Bachmann Jubilee and a DJH LNER A2. I was hoping to have the the loco kits before the easter break but alas I'll just have to satisfy myself by fitting decoders to the other lot.

PS anyone got a Hornby Britannia "Oliver Cromwell" they want to part with. Can't get one for love or money.

QUOTE (ironduke @ 25 Mar 2007, 14:18) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I am torn.
I greatly want to support my local model railway shop who has always been very good and supplies Bachmann product at a much more reasonable price than most other retailers so I enquired about how much it would cost me if he could obtain Bachmann 32-002 Hall class 4-6-0 5960 "Saint Edmund Hall". It's a Black hall class and I'm going to name it The Black Adder :^)

Anyway he went ahead and got one in then quoted $220 (£90)

Currently Hattons are selling them on special for £56 ($136).
Even with postage that's so much cheaper so I really had no choice but I don't feel good about it. Perhaps karma will come and get me and the order will take weeks to arrive or get lost in the mail.

oh well.. I'll still be buying the decoder from him.
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