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Hello there. It appears an interest in model railways has resurfaced after nearly 20 years (good grief I'm getting old
). I think I was 8 or 9 when I played a fair bit with my dad's old set. It was an oval with a siding nailed to a realtively small board, and I had a steam engine, a yellow diesel, a couple of wagons and a royal mail carriage that could pick up a "mail bag" from a stand by the track. Also, a friend of mine had a fairly impressive loop in his loft, built by someone else I believe, but then his parents were loaded and had a huge house etc.
Somewhere I've got two issues of Railway Modeller from 1987 which got me into trying to design a basic layout, where I had an idea I was going to work in N gauge. At the time it seemed like the planning was more interesting as I never got as far as building anything, perhaps because I was put off by the cost, or the fact that it was perhaps a longer term project. It's difficult if neither of your parents are into modelling or crafts.

I've rarely thought of model railways since and it was pretty much watching Thomas the Tank Engine repeatedly with my little son (not quite 2) that brought it to my mind. Additionally, I seem to spend far too much time doing things on the computer these days and fancy doing something with real materials again. I'm also finding DCC control systems rather interesting.

Overall, the hobby seems to have a lot to offer with the variety of things involved - woodwork, track laying, electrics, learning about the steam age and so on. At this stage I'm trying to get my head round a plan to aim for which explains me turning up here. I shall probably be presenting a rough sketch of something soon for some ideas...
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Welcome to the forum. let me make a suggestion. Star with something easy first and try to see it through before going on. Many try to reach for the stars on thier first layout and never finish. Keep it fun rather than work.
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