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I have a few 00 gauge items for sale

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I have a few 00 gauge items for sale and was wondering if you have a classification where I can post them.
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hi folks, like the guy above, iv got a few pieces of peco n gauge 55 electro-frog points that id like to sell or exchange/swop for fleischmann piccolo electro frog points - is there a place on here for swops/selling?

cheers, db ice3
Have you guys looked?

If you have looked, you'll see that there isn't a classifieds section. We did debate having a classifieds section and it has been voted down. It would create too many problems and generate a disproportionate amount of moderation work.

List your items on eBay and link to your listing in an appropriate area of the forum. We're not against that as long as the listings are for private sales and that don't abuse the offer. If you're running what looks like a home business on eBay, please don't list eBay links here.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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