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I have found somebody making trackside scenery

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Hi all
i have just received a track side piece of scenery , it saves me making it , i got it from a woman on e-bay , swhe has another one for sale , i spoke to her the other day and she will make what ever i need , i have meet her she was on a stall at the harpenden experdition on saturday , just thought i would let other modelers know , that you can get scenery made by some one at last .

happy modeling , thanks for the help with my dcc problems .
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thanks richard , her screen name is 8876cheryl
you dont say what it is you had made for you? Personally Im of the opinion that 50% of the enjoyment of the hobby is the modeling of the scenery. I too was worried about the results that I could achieve before I tried. I also made the mistake of trying to achieve the results often depicted in magazines etc, these results will come with time and experience. But for now I'm happy enough to be able to say with pride " I done that!"
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I have to agree with Steve on this one - at least half of the fun is in doing it yourself, as I suspect he will soon discover it is actually far more than that.

The "I done that" factor is very important in the hobby, let's face it the cost of some accesories is bad enough without the cost of bespoke scenery making.

hi they made track side hills for me , like the ones they have at the minute , they are very good and it saves me buying bags of scatter and plaster that i would only use a little and have half empty bays hanging around , i am more interested in building running stock , so hence i found it usefull buying bespoke senics , happy modeling ......
I have to add my 2p's worth here - why does it seem more "acceptable" to have rolling stock made and/or painted for you if you prefer the scenic side than having scenics made for you if you are more into the rolling stock side.

Now I can produce passable scenics & are better at the electrical & mechanical things, so am quite happy to leave that side of things to BRITHO (or sometimes to repair the devastation after I have altered something), whilst aforesaid gentleman is more than happy top leave the technical bits to me.
I'm with Brian. Everyone has different aspects of the hobby that they enjoy.

I am of the simple opinion that if there is something that you like and you can afford it, then you should buy it.

But it's all a bit of a contradiction. I build my own trees from scratch. I build and paint model kits of building. BUT I buy all the locomotives and rolling stock for my layout. Yes I could probably build them, but for me it is more a question of Time and also to an extent motivation.

I look at what some people do on here and wish I had the motivation to do it.

This hobby is magnificent for allowing different people to do different things.

I enjoy building scenics ... not everyone does though i would rather be running the layout
i must admit.

The seller on ebay has some good additions to layouts and very reasonably priced for the time put into producing them.
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QUOTE (Brian Considine @ 24 Jan 2009, 20:06) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>whilst aforesaid gentleman is more than happy top leave the technical bits to me.

Does he mean me - I'm not used to being called a gentlman.......

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