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I hope someone has the answer to this....

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Hi all.

After a recent holiday to Paris, I have decided to build a layout based on the Metro system. I have drawn plans for Gare De L' Est on Lignes 5 and 7.....made at the station. I was wondering if anyone knew of any company that makes models of current Paris Metro stock either ready to run or in kit form.

Thanks for your time.
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At a show I attended earlier this year there was a trader who specialises in card kits. I seem to recall that he hade some Paris Metro stuff. I will look up his details (assuming I can find the relevant programme) and get back in the next few days.

QUOTE (pedromorgan @ 13 Sep 2007, 06:16) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>which line?


Im hoping to model Gare De l' Est where lines 5 & 7 are together.

OO or HO are preferable as I already have large amounts of track in 1:76 scale
Why not ask at one of the few Parisian model railway shops:

Au Pullman:
Central Train:

This may help with your modeling - ADEMAS:

Perhaps these guys can help with models - Métro Modèles:
QUOTE Why not ask at one of the few Parisian model railway shops:

Au Pullman:
Central Train:

Thanks for those links. We will be in Paris for a few days next month, so we might just drop in.

Thanks for the links, hopefully I will have something to show you all soon.
Both those Paris shops are great. Not cheap, but full of interesting stuff.

I've only ever bough one loco from a Paris shop, and that was before eBay became mainstream. It was also on the day my wife announced she was pregnant, so with great relief of not having to sneak the loco in to the house, I made a feeble excuse to her that the train was for the kid. Turned out to be a girl... and she ended up not really interested in trains. I still have the JOUEF vapeur 231 K 82 SNCF. It doesn't get run much, but it is keeping it's value, 12 years on.
Well we've been to Paris and we visited both shops. Fortunately for my bank account neither had anything which caught our eye - it would have had to have been Swiss or Hupac
. Au Pullman had a lot Maerklin / Trix. Central Train had a broader range of stuff including lots of shiny blue Jouef boxes. Both shops had Hornby live steam but nothing else, not even Skaledale which we have seen in Switzerland. Both are better than a lot of UK shops I have visited.

Here's a photo of line 6 crossing the Seine. Line 6 is one of the rubber tyred lines but the vehicles are similar to those on line 7 as far as I can tell superficially.

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