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I have had Roco 1216 on order for about 6 weeks now from a German dealer. I also ordered some Roco spares at the same time, and this is the hold up.

I have always found it difficult to obtain Roco spares, I bought a 103 Electric about 3 years ago now and the pantograph snapped as I removed it from the box (my fault).
About 18 months ago a dealer got hold of one for me, but it was bent out of shape when it got to the UK......and now I am trying again.

When I ordered the 1216 the exchange rate was not so bad, in the 6 weeks since it has plummeted, I wish the dealer had charged my card 6 weeks ago!

I understand that Roco currently have production facilities in Romania and Slovakia, I hope they have not succumbed to China....

Until I read this thread I was not aware that the 1216 was new tooling, I had assumed it was just an 1116 with 4 pantographs, even more excited now...

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